Acoustic conditioning

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The REALE CONCEPT panels are for creating acoustic sets enhancing aesthetics and where absorption is optimized. Such panels, having three different densities and duly controlled, allows a selective absorption at different frequencies. The absence of frameworks or rigid structures and seams make them extremely lightweight, discreet, aesthetic and adaptable to any environment or setting.

Reale Concept       


The whole square panels for walls and ceilings TALOS CONCEPT help reduce reverberation and create attractive and comfortable public spaces.

When manufactured in different thicknesses, provide design and create endless harmonic surface textures where comfort and aesthetics are essential.


RONDA CONCEPT acoustic panels are designed to control environmental noise providing functionality, aesthetics and acoustic comfort. Apart from these qualities, these panels provide the walls that support color and texture.


DUALO CONCEPT are absorbent and decorative panels in two colors, arranged horizontally or vertically. These two colors are combined in a ratio of 1:2. Tissues that coated, front and sides are pure wool, and connected seamlessly between them, using a padded stitching.


BAND CONCEPT is absorbent and decorative panels two colors. The only color panel is broken by a vertical color strip six centimeters wide. The front and sides of the panels are completely covered by a pure virgin wool fabric powered by band design. The seams of the tissues on the surface and edges are high quality.

CR – 101- English

CR – 101 are an absorbent panels specially designed for absorbing low, middle and high frequencies in order to meet the most demanding applications such as recording studios, radio booths, TV, dubbing studios, home cinema, meeting needs hearing, etc… It is a panel highly effective in the range of low, medium and high, frequencies of the sound spectrum.

The composition of the absorbent panels CR – 101 is designed to absorb background noise in walls and ceilings, thus reducing the reflected power at the point of hearing, negating to some extent, the resonant effect of the room.


CROXON ZERO is a circular panel with an absorbent core polyester fiber, structure and scope of the same material, covered with an acoustic and high quality decorative fabric. Beautifully designed to be installed on walls in both large and small room.

CROXON ZERO panel has a simple decorative expression that matches all kinds of environments without any problems regarding the style of furniture.


Step is an acoustic fabric for panels.


Interglobe Wool 2 is an acoustic fabric for panels.


Gaja Classic is an acoustic fabric for panels.