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CR – 101- English

CR – 101 are an absorbent panels specially designed for absorbing low, middle and high frequencies in order to meet the most demanding applications such as recording studios, radio booths, TV, dubbing studios, home cinema, meeting needs hearing, etc… It is a panel highly effective in the range of low, medium and high, frequencies of the sound spectrum.

The composition of the absorbent panels CR – 101 is designed to absorb background noise in walls and ceilings, thus reducing the reflected power at the point of hearing, negating to some extent, the resonant effect of the room.


CROXON BAFLOX acoustic baffle is a based polyester fiber, white, absorbent and treated, like edges, uncoated.

These suspended baffles absorb and reduce sound reflections about acoustically tolerable levels. They are provided with their corresponding metal fittings to the ceiling with suspension cables. These advantages, together with its simplicity and competitive price, easy accessibility.


The TANGO modular ceilings are manufactured from polyester fiber and covered with acoustic fabric for a face side and excellent sound absorption. Designed to be installed in conventional grid systems view.

The technology developed by Croxon helps build acoustic fabrics and hot-melt polyester fiber, no adhesives or chemicals. Modular acoustic ceilings manufactured by Croxon are 100% recyclable.


SIMPLY acoustic ceiling is designed to be a simple, competitive and affordable solution for almost all applications in removable ceilings.

SIMPLY ceiling tiles are a new generation of modular acoustic ceilings. Are made of polyester fibers, noble safe and are designed for high absorption and a balanced acoustic design. The absorbent ceiling panels. SIMPLY are available in a range of standard sizes and normal edges to fit standard suspended grid systems and easy to install.


CROXON CYPRON are suspended cylindrical sound absorbers, constructed of polyester fiber, covered with acoustic fabric with excellent absorption qualities for optimal reduction of the reverberations.

They are particularly useful in situations where the space under the roof has other services which prevent installation of conventional baffles. Not only excellent results are achieved with this product, but aesthetically it possible to create innovative decorative solutions.


CROXON BAFLÓN is an absorbent baffle for type roof beam based polyester ool, designed to control reverberation and provide an attractive linear view. This design allows air to pass between the panels and allow the transfer of air or smoke extraction.

The core of polyester fleece is reinforced by an extruded profile of the same material and coated with a polyester fabric. These absorbent beams can be attached to the ceiling by cables or other metallic elements.


CROXON CORLO panels are the first innovation in the range of floating roofs Croxon. They are made entirely from both the perimeter and internal structure as the absorbent core polyester fiber. Specially designed to create spaces or highlight specific areas of large volumes, adding a decorative and acoustic comfort, located in an area or in a workspace. Surface are micro perforated.

Croxon Bafla.- English

CROXON BAFLA is an acoustic baffle made by a core polyester wool, coated both sides with an acoustipermeable fabric. These baffles hanging absorb and reduce reflections of sound acoustically tolerable levels to. Are providewith dimples for hanging ceiling by cables.

Croxon iCod

CROXON iCOD is an absorbent panel based on core polyester wool coated with a decorative acoustic fabric, designed to control reverberation times in walls and ceilings. It is manufactured in a wide range of  thickness and formats.

Croxon Delta 100

CROXON DELTA 100 is a panel of 100 mm thick, high sound absorption capacity, coated on one side by the hardened composite Croxonite to increase their absorption capacity especially at low frequencies, for a long durability and finished with a acoustic fabric. CROXON DELTA 100 provides exceptional sound absorption at low, medium and high frequencies and a significant thermal insulation