Ceilings products


CROSONE XP is a thixotropic elastomeric complex, specially formulated for the treatment of low frequency sound insulation, with acoustic properties and adhering very high, providing exceptional qualities important for the formulation of thick membranes “in situ” between plasterboard plates, the sealing of the insulating walls and other elements

Croxon Pol

CROXON POL is a polyurethane foam panel with a rubber elastomeric membrane, both recycled high density attached to one side. Formed so that the set provides an excellent airbone sound insulation to the original media.

Crosone LM

CROSONE LM is an elastomeric adhesive and sealant, specially formulated for bonding insulating materials based on mineral wool for waterproofing and construction supports thermal and acoustic isolation without plastering.

Crosone 704

CROSONE 704 is a product base on acrylic polimer dispersed in water, specially formulated for sealing and fixing acoustic panels of polyurethane foam, mineral wool, high-density expande polysthyrene and extruded panels and recycled rubber membranes, cork and any other product normally used in acoustic and termal insulation. Non-flammable product. Likewise, it also can be projected – by dilution with water – for acoustic membrane formation «in situ» with mitigating and fire retardant properties.

Crosone 211

CROSONE 211 is an elasticising product specially formulated to modify phonic frequencies, both low and high, the soundproofing elements, in order to improve its sound insulation through the formation of elastic membranes ‘in situ’ At the same time, it has adhesion properties which allow their union of insulating materials together or to other elements normally used in construction.