CROXON PROTECT is the structural protection mat for high-quality waterproofing systems and insulation systems in accordance with DIN 18195 Part 10.

CROXON PROTECT provides outstanding protection of waterproofing systems on flat roofs, green roofs, terraces, parking garage decks, in bridge and road construction and in landscaping.

CROXON PROTECT equally successful in other application sectors including below-ground structures such as underground garages as well as waterways, dikes and dams.


CROSONE 248 is an elasticising product specially formulated to modify phonic frequencies, both low and high, the soundproofing elements, in order to improve its sound insulation through the formation of thick elastic membranes “in situ.” At the same time, it has adhesion properties which allow their union of insulating materials together or to other elements normally used in construction.

Crosone 325

CROSONE 325 is a sealer and applied with a spatula or trowel. Its formulation is based on a acrylic emulsion that provides a variety of acoustic and non acoustic structures. The product is designed to get an optimal sealing with spatula and trowel application in sound installations.

Clempol Bajantes

CLEMPOL BAJANTES is a product designed for the coating of PVC pipes in the building in order to reduce transmission of noise and vibrations generated by the streams and wastewater. The product is a composite made of a foam absorbent recycled with high absorption capacity con attached to a rubber sheet recycled. The whole is highly flexible to facilitate installation.