Architectural acoustic

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Croxon Magic

CROXON MAGIC pads, based on selected recycled rubber, are designed to absorb and reduce noise impact on the formation of floating floors. Its design, ergonomics, dynamic stiffness and the configuration of the surface in contact with the slab or floor, made from the same, a highly effective and essential element for acoustic floors.

Clempol Elástic

CLEMPOL ELASTIC based product is a recycled rubber, medium density and that due to physical and chemical characteristics gives high performance in the field of sound insulation. The density of the material, its surfaces mass, provides insulating properties and the pores, sound absorbing qualities.

Clempol Dimple

CLEMPOL DIMPLE is a mat of rubber granulates for the reduction vibration absorption and insulation of structure borne sound. It guarantees versatile, specific solutions for all tasks in the civil engineering and construction industries requiring effective insulation and competitive.