Natural cork


CLEMPOCORK are grains cork sheets bonded and compacted, lasted resilience and density controlled, specially developed to control vibration, and noise impact. As an added property, has low thermal conductivity which facilitates heat insulation.

Clempocork Black

Clempocork Black is a heap of granules of expanded cork, nature plant with excellent acoustic and termal insulation properties, compacted by inorganic flexible binders.

Its mechanical and physical properties are maintained for an indefinite period of time. Clempocork Black components come from the pruning an trimming of oaks.

Clempocork Slab

CLEMPOCORK SLAB is an effective and well proven vibration product, primarily designed for heavy loads which require a means of vibration isolation at high frequencies.

CLEMPOCORK SLAB are lasting resilinece and controlled density, specially developed for vibration control and air noise. As an added property, has a low thermal conductivity which facilitates heat insulation.

Clempocork DPL

CLEMPOCORK DPL is a natural cork sheet bonded with elastomers, specially to reduce impact and vibration noise. Due to its low density, configuration, low coefficient of heat transfer and environmental performance, makes it the ideal product for reducing noise transfer in green architecture.

Clempocork Brutt

CLEMPOCORK BRUTT is a natural cork granules sheet agglomerated by an elastic binder. Because of the peculiar structure and chemical composition of cells that give excellent properties, has a wide range of applications such as natural and ecological product.

CLEMPOCORK BRUTT is the more natural insulation that exists with an unaltered excellent performance against moisture, sound absorption, fire, compression, chemical, etc.