Damping sheets and compounds

Crosone 901

CROSONE 901 is an aqueous dispersion of a modified, solvent free, easy to apply and can be used both indoor and outdoor areas. It is designed to reduce noise generated by the resonant vibration caused by continuous impulsive excitation of the substrate on which it is applied. CROSONE 901 has been designed to absorb and reduce resonance and vibration resulting from the excitation of a natural frequency of a system (for example, striking a tuning fork). Applications in the automobile industry, continued energy helps produce a forced vibration. Without any means to dissipate the energy of interaction, noise and vibration will be generated continuously.

Crosone 325

CROSONE 325 is a sealer and applied with a spatula or trowel. Its formulation is based on a acrylic emulsion that provides a variety of acoustic and non acoustic structures. The product is designed to get an optimal sealing with spatula and trowel application in sound installations.