CROXON since its beginnings has had a deep concern for the environment, hence most of the products manufactured, made of recycled rubber and cork, covering a wide range of products to solve the problems caused by noise and vibration.

We work with architects, industrial engineering and acoustic, decorators and installers to deliver solutions that meet the requirements of the CTE and other European regulatory codes or standards either in the construction sector or industry.

As developers and manufacturers specializing in products from noise, CROXON provides innovative solutions for the treatment of noise and vibration impact. Hence the market leader in acoustic systems Clempol TN, Clempol Dimple and Clempoflex and Crosone products.

All products developed by CROXON offer high quality solutions at competitive prices.

Moreover, our experience in the manufacture and installation of acoustic products and knowledge of their property behind us to advocate the right products for each problem.

Not only is important the production of noise products, for CROXON is also important to work with the right people. We have a top team of experienced and committed to provide adequate solutions and exceptional service.